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My tribute to Helen Slater

One the sweetest faces to ever come to the
silver screen, I've appreciated the kindness
and gentleness that shines thru her every
performance. A truely extraordinary,
and Super Lady.

This site is dedicated to Helen as I've
seen her onscreen, and off, with pictures I've collected or had sent to me. The picture above, was taken by me at Wondercon in S.F. '10. I hope you enjoy the site.

Helen Slater Online

Helen actually has a site of her own!

It refers to her acting career in her bio, but mainly informs us about her new career as singer and composer. There are even a few new pictures of her, and a listing of upcoming performances.

Click here to buy her new CD!

Click here to buy her First CD!

Congratulations & Good Luck Helen!!!

It's a Hildebrandt!!! The world famous artist
Greg Hildebrandt drew an amazing picture of
Helen as Supergirl! Click here to see!

And now, here's the pictures!

(Please click to for gallery.)

Offscreen | Supergirl
BillieJean | Other

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