These pieces were created from photos
and manipulated with Photoshop.

the Centennial Bulb

I made this for the website, and it has shown up on various websites and publications world wide.

John Provost

I made this for John Provost, known for his role as Timmy on the Lassie show. He will be selling autographed copies of this at his next convention.

Helen Slater

This was made for the Helen Slater Tribute pages that I made and maintain.


Linda Hamilton

This was made for use with the Linda Hamilton Online Fan club, and on my wife's Tribute pages.


Amy Irving

This was made for use with the Amy Irving pages I maintain.

These were made for 2 Star Trek Stars. Nicole DeBoer and Scarlett Pomers.


I made this for my daughter who likes Nadia, to go with a signature.

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